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Sigh Sigh tomorrow

So, I didn't get the internship, which mildly makes me sad, because i wanted it soo much. I got the the good ol' dear john type letter of basically saying "sorry babe, we just didn't see you as 'fit' for this job or any other one that we might be offering, so go screw yourself." So I have to scrape up everything, wonder what I am going to do this summer, and see if I can clep history or geology or whatever so my summer can actually be free, and I won't have to get a lousy paying job. I'd work at the lab, but I very much want to be home. This sucks a lot and it makes me wonder who they chose and if they were peppy and members of the church and everything that i'm not.

I so much want to see you right now, but i know i can't for a while. hold on babe, hold on babe, cause it's the thought of you that makes me smile.

ellen mirai
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