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The trees are depressed

It's been raining all day here at South. The sky is quite gray and it's humid. Boo humidity. I have discovered that around the Gulf Coast, at least, there has been a break out of Save the Children or something foundation workers popping up out of nowhere asking for your donations. Now, 5I don't mind donating my money. A guy came up to me at South and asked if I could donate. I gave him five dollars and proceeded on to my class. However, it bothers me when you are repeatedly asked by that same person after you've given them money or 5 other people ask you for money for the same cause. Now don't think that I'm a miser and that I'm cold-hearted and mean and such. No. But you also have to realize that I, too, am a poor college student currently without a job. I really don't have that much money to give and don't even think I can sponsor a kid for *only* 20 bucks a month! I think I really pissed off some Asian dude who approached me while I was pumping gas at the Daphne Wal-mart. I was like "nope, don't have any money". And it was true. I had no money on my BODY and i wasn't diving into my car to risk something bad happening.

Meanwhile, my advisor is really sucking bad. I'm hoping Dr. Carr can advise me.

Good luck Hope on your new life!!

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